Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ways to Incorporate 3D Design into Your Business

Companies are trying hard to attract customers, be it by digital marketing, offering quality service or by providing competitive prices; the struggle to get business is immense. 3D design is a new way which companies are adapting to get more business. If you are in a business that sells concept or ideas, mere words cannot lure the customers but a 3D design definitely will.

A well-executed 3D design can bring depth and provides clarity to the viewer. Not all are good in spatial skills; 3D design helps them gain perspective. Let us have a look at what 3D design is and ways to incorporate it into your business so as to get more leads.

What is 3D design?

3D Design is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any object into three dimensions using specialized software, the product is called a 3D model and the person who designs this is called a 3D artist.

5 Ways to incorporate 3D design into your business

1)    Concept testing 

Making a failed product results in loss of time, efforts and money, this is bad for any business. 3D design can help the developers to visualize and plan well to avoid the chances of failure. Let us consider an example of real estate, the developers can brainstorm using a 3D model and make desired changes with all team members consent. 3D design helps to try different things without having to hurt your pockets.

2)    New product prototype

Gone are the days of a plain description of the product in words. Be it a product or space, making a 3D design of it, can help you to see how things look as a whole. You can easily make changes in the product if you do not find it to your satisfaction. A prototype of the product can also be presented to the client so as to understand their needs. Several variations of a product can be made to finalize the best one. A 3D design can help you deliver a satisfactory product.

3)    Presentations and branding 

Well curated content and a powerful orator are key to a powerful presentation or a branding program, these two things when clubbed with 3D images, can help the presentation to reach a new level. 3D designs will strengthen your marketing and branding efforts. Take help of designing experts to include 3D images in your presentation.

4)    Trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are meant to reach the product or service to the masses. Having 3D images in trade show booths will attract customers. They will be able to visualize the product for real and understand all its attributes. The real-life feeling of a product will be highly appreciated and will leave a mark in the customer’s mind.

5)    Designing spaces

Imagine a real estate’s website, trying to sell houses with only basic 2D plans uploaded on the website. Whereas its competitor has uploaded a 3D tour of space, along with a sample interiors set up. Any customer will be lured to the second website as it provides actual visualization of space. You can design any kind of space using 3D designs.

Use of 3D Designs in various industries

3D models are useful in many fields, few of them are

Engineering: Used to make a prototype of products and devices.
Medical: Makes a detailed model of organs by using 2D images of MRI, to better diagnose the ailment.
Science: Used to demonstrate complicated model of chemistry
Movie: Uses it for effects and animation.
Architecture: Use to demonstrate building or landscape.

Many companies are adapting to 3D designs, you can also do the same, just by hiring few quality 3D designers or opt for 3D design services of a reputed company. 3D designs help you to save time and money and also gain business, so what are you waiting for, Present your products in style and sophistication and capture the market.

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