Monday, January 25, 2016

What’s New for SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

Another year, a new version of SOLIDWORKS, and lots of shiny new features! While big changes for CAD like the redesigned user interface and selection breadcrumbs get plenty of attention, new goodies for analysis sometimes fly under the radar. So to make sure you don’t miss out, let’s run down a few additions for SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016.

Automatic Bonding for Shells: The bonded global contact clearance parameter is a great way to accommodate for non-touching faces in the case of weld gaps and the like, and it can now pick up on shell edge to face and edge to edge bonding.

Blended Curvature-based Mesher: Along with the standard mesher and curvature-based mesher, we now have a third available mesher. It’s always nice to have options when meshing tricky geometry.

Sectioning the Mesh: The new mesh sectioning tool lets us cut away at the mesh, making it easier to evaluate the quality of our internal mesh elements.

Improved Solver Error Messages: When studies fail to run, the new error messages aim to be less cryptic than their predecessors and provide a link to the appropriate solution in the SOLIDWORKS knowledge base.

Detecting Unconstrained Bodies: For a long time, we’ve relied on a troubleshooting procedure involving the soft spring option to identify missing contacts or fixtures. The new tool for detecting unconstrained bodies automates this process and gives us nice animations for free rigid body modes.

Which new simulation feature is your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know.