Saturday, June 1, 2019

Five Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS for Product Development

Boost productivity, cut costs, and innovate faster by switching to SOLIDWORKS.

An integrated, multi-disciplinary CAD environment like SOLIDWORKS enables product development and manufacturing teams to concurrently leverage the master 3D CAD model for all other design tasks, enabling all stakeholders to work collaboratively with one another. Doing so not only eliminates duplicate tasks and cuts down on errors, but improves collaboration.

Download "The Top Five Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS for Product Development" to learn how switching to integrated SOLIDWORKS solutions boosts productivity, reduces costs, improves quality, fosters collaboration, increases innovation and puts you on a path to establishing and maintaining a smart, agile, effective, and successful product development and manufacturing organization.

The top five reasons to make the switch to SOLIDWORKS:
  1. Boost Productivity
  2. Reduce Costs
  3. Improve Quality
  4. Foster Collaboration
  5. Increase Innovation

Saturday, May 4, 2019

SolidWorks Solutions for CAD Users

CAD users are a diverse group, ranging from those who view CAD designs to those who push the limits of a CAD system’s capabilities. Regardless of their role, CAD users need a toolset that can accommodate them all.

Whether you’re a full-time or casual CAD user, you need a suite of solutions that can help you get the job done from concept to detailing to manufacturing. SOLIDWORKS covers all these needs and beyond, in a single, easy-to-use interface.

It’s All About Ease-of-use and Efficiency

Thanks to its user interface, SOLIDWORKS is well-known for its ease of learning and use. It also provides all functions necessary for design through manufacturing, allowing users to work efficiently and concurrently.

Creating Compelling Visual Content for All Development Stages

Leverage 3D CAD data to create photorealistic marketing content that is print- and web-ready—from static images to animations and immersive web content. Produce realistic content that clearly depicts products in the real world without physical prototypes.

Clearly Explain Your Product or Process

Even nontechnical users can leverage product designs with SOLIDWORKS Composer to create associative 2D and 3D deliverables, such as user manuals, field repair documentation, and marketing content that automatically stay current with all design changes.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

Streamline Sheet Metal Design and Manufacture

Using SOLIDWORKS you can dramatically reduce the time required to design and manufacture sheet metal parts and assemblies, helping you to get your products delivered on time and on budget.

Streamline the Design of Sheet Metal Parts and Assemblies

SOLIDWORKS delivers a powerful suite of tools that provides complete control over the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies.

Starting with design, SOLIDWORKS powerful modelling tools enable you to quickly create complex sheet metal designs complete with a fully annotated and associative flat pattern. SOLIDWORKS also provides the ability to add all the manufacturing information directly to the model, eliminating the need to create traditional flat pattern drawings.

SOLIDWORKS PDM then takes over managing the entire Sheet Metal design-to -manufacture process. With an easy-to-use Windows Explorer interface, members of your design and manufacturing teams can easily find and view critical design information. The live preview in eDrawings provides a great way for stakeholders to review and collaborate on sheet metal designs complete with its flat pattern configuration without having to open it in SOLIDWORKS.

For CNC manufacturing, use SOLIDWORKS PDM’s out-of-the-box task to automate the creation of a flat pattern file straight from your SOLIDWORKS design. PDM tasks can be invoked manually or triggered via a workflow, a great way to save time and reduce the risk of mistakes.

When your design is ready for review, SOLIDWORKS PDM workflows can automate tracking of approvals, eliminating the need for manual sign-off procedures. Just follow the next workflow step defined for your project and SOLIDWORKS PDM will take care of notifying the right people, maintaining both accuracy and accountability.

For external partners and suppliers who need to collaborate on design projects, powerful Web connection capabilities enable browser-based secure vault access and editing, from anywhere on any device. Sheet Metal designs complete with their associative manufacturing information can be reviewed and checked right there on the shop floor.  Documents can be made either view only, or fully editable, and access to PDM workflows gives stakeholders the ability to change a documents status, providing decision-making on the go!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

SOLIDWORKS Premium Streamlines the Product Development Process

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to bring products to market quickly and efficiently - without sacrificing quality. The advanced automation features in SOLIDWORKS Premium help accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process at every stage, allowing for continual optimization and validation of designs while minimizing repetitive, time-consuming manual processes.

SOLIDWORKS Premium’s integrated 3D CAD technologies help companies develop better products and bring them to market faster. SOLIDWORKS Premium enables:
  • Virtual product simulation
  • Design validation
  • CNC tool path generation
  • Tooling development
  • Costing and quoting capabilities
  • Documentation development
Download the white paper to learn more.

Friday, February 22, 2019

EnvisionTEC 3D Printers for Audiologists and Hearing Aid Manufacturers

According to Phil Reeves, author of a report on the 3D printing industry, there are more than 10,000,000 3D printed hearing aids in circulation worldwide.

From the beginning, EnvisionTEC has been the 3D printer of choice for audiologists, hearing aid manufacturers and pretty much anyone making inner-ear devices. Jenna Franklin, a Marketing Associate with EnvisionTEC, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers for the hearing aid industry, claims that a majority of hearing aids in the world are manufactured using 3D printers.

Watch the below video to know How EnvisionTEC 3D printing is enabling the mass manufacture of hearing aids.


Learn about how 3D printing is revolutionizing the hearing aid market. Please contact Engineering Technique, an ALL India Distributor for EnvisionTEC 3D Printers.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Know Your Designs Will Pass the Injection-molding Process

Producing high-quality, plastic injection-molded parts more quickly and cost-effectively than the competition has become a critical factor for manufacturing success in today’s global market. However, producing injection-molded parts that are free of manufacturing defects requires a complex mix of time, temperature, pressure, material, and variations in tooling or part design.

Don’t cave to complexity. Read this white paper to learn how designers, moldmakers and manufacturers are saving time and money by answering these questions with SOLIDWORKS Plastics before cutting steel:
  • Does the part geometry meet draft and wall thickness requirements?
  • How long should the injection/cooling/ejection cycle be? What’s the optimal temperature for the material, cooling channels, and mold?
  • What’s the right filling/packing pressure and best material to use for a particular part?
  • And, will the use of special inserts, side actions, additional injection gates, special secondary operations, or unique cooling channel designs improve part quality or shorten cycle times?
Download the whitepaper.

Monday, January 7, 2019

How to Choose Right 3D Printing Services in India?

The 3D printing industry has grown enormously over the past few years in India. Many sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive, education, jewellery, product design, healthcare, architectural and consumer goods have adopted this technology.

If you are looking for a best 3D printing service provider in India that has all the important features such as “value for money”, “quality and fast services”, “outstanding client assistance and communication” then you should look into Engineering Technique.

The 3D printing industry of India

In terms of large-scale adoption of additive manufacturing, India is one of the major and populous countries in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The 3D printing industry of India is set to reach $79 million by 2022 according to 6wresearch.

Globally established 3D printing technology players such as EnvisionTEC and Stratasys has already established their base in India, through partnerships and alliances with India based technology firms.

Identifying possible 3D printing service providers

Nowadays, finding the best and most effective 3D printing service provider who handle your 3D printing work very smartly can be challenging. Check out the below checklist when evaluating the 3d printing service provider:
  • What are the 3D printing materials available?
  • Is a design assistance service available?
  • Are they well-experienced provider
  • Does the provider offer various 3D printing techniques?
  • Does the 3D printer produce good quality prints?
  • Is there customer support available?
  • What are the 3D printing technologies used?
  • What is the lead time?
  • How good is the price comparing with other companies?



There are many 3D printing service providers in India to connect. Factors such as service provider’s profile, suitable materials, testimonials, innovative and creative, high quality and fast services, good client assistance and communication, reliability, value for money, and etc. should all be considered when selecting a 3d printing service supplier.

Engineering Technique is one of the leading 3D printing services company offers a high-quality, and cost-effective rapid prototyping services in India to mechanical, medical researchers, civil, electrical and automotive designers and engineers, manufacturers, educationists, and hobbyists.