Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016?

New Key Features in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard
Low cost, single-user schematic solution

SOLIDWORKS Electrical for DraftSight® Add-in

Work up and down stream for annotation and supply chain utilization

Simplified UI*

Best user experience in the industry


Direct zoom link to 3D CAD model information

CircuitWorks™ Integration*
Integration of electronic, electrical, and 3D CAD
Rights – project data/lock access to books
Project rights management to control access to the book level
PDM link – option for electrical BOM export
Generates a concatenated BOM for schematic design elements
Formula manager simplification
Easy to use and re-use complex formulae with trial simulation
Project Macro – multiple page macro*
Drag-and-Drop re-use and integration for portions of projects
Dynamic Paste Special*
Ability to cut, paste, and integrate large portions of projects
Assign several symbols to a component at once
Simplifies the task of assigning multiple components at once
Define all cable origin (3D) in a single step
Streamlines the workflow of working with multiple cables at once
Define cabling order with “Nodal indicator”
Simplifies and provides a graphic representation of current flow
Project snapshot attached to book revision*
Allows users to roll back the design to a snapshot in time
Filters in reports*
Provides ability to apply filters to reports based on report contents

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