Wednesday, April 11, 2018

SOLIDWORKS Touch-based Interactions

Over the last few years with the digitalization, lots of new input techniques and devices are introduced for 3D Modeling. For the fact, SOLIDWORKS has actually touch-based gesture introduced way back in 2010 but, it’s limited to zooming/panning/rotating.

In 2018, SOLIDWORKS has introduced new touch mode which actually makes possible the practical experience for the touch-enabled device. With the use of it on your fingertip, you can control or modify models in tablet or touch device without physically use keyboard and mouse.

Touch Mode enabling done by Either MENU>VIEW>TOUCH MODE or by toolbar buttons which added to your Interface. Once you enable touch mode the toolbar popup, you can drag it to left or right according to your strong hand for work. You also want to enable SOLIDWORKS INC toolbar from COMMAND MANAGER>TOUCH TOOLBAR>SOLIDWORKS INC.
  • Touch Mode Gesture
After touch mode on, you will be able to Models on screen, with the help of gesture controls for model viewing. Here’s some gesture that is helpful for control over a graphic area in SOLIDWORKS.

In touch mode, you can also Change the Button size from the option in Small, Medium and Large.

In a command toolbar, there is also a magnified selection tool also available. It can activate the magnifying glass or mouse gesture. By dragging you figure tip you can use it for a magnified view, also introduce this feature while sketching.
  • Touch Sketching   
In SOLIDWORKS 2018 sketching in a Touch environment is much easier, with this you can rapidly introduce your Design ideas by freehand sketching directly in the sketch. For input, you can use either stylus pen or just your finger.

There are basically two modes available for sketch input. One is AUTO SHAPE which can recognize your fingertip or pen strokes, with initially convert into shapes like Line, Point, Arc, Circle, Ellipse & Polygon and then ready for sketching out design. Different Pen Stroke Size and Colors for the entities are available. Using of AUTO SKETCH ENTITIES allows you to directly convert your stokes in to sketch entities as you drawn them. After completing your sketch, you can easily manipulate sketch just like any other.

Whatever you doing designing complex shape or simple mechanical parts, SOLIDWORKS 2018 Touch mode offers you a new different approach for a faster design where you’re in the office or on the go.

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Article Written by Srujal Vanjara – a SOLIDWORKS Application Engineer at Engineering Technique